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Transmission service

The services provided by FlyFax are aimed at all companies that need to make their commercial offers known in a fast and reliable, yet cost-effective, manner. FlyFax allows the sending of circulars, letters, press releases, and price lists in a very short space of time through an advanced multi-addressing and broadcasting fax system. The sending of faxes, which is carried out in minutes, can be based on lists provided by customers or by using our company database, which can separate the faxes based on product categories or geographical areas.

FlyFax figures

  • 1.500 lines available
  • 1.000.000 faxes for day
  • 800.000 email for day
  • sms....
  • 50 main flows guaranteed by the major telecommunication companies • Latest generation fax, email and sms server to guarantee our services.