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Email Marketing

FlyFAx - Soluzione EmailFlyFax is also email marketing, and with 60 million messages sent every year it is the leader in this field. Email marketing, which was initially believed to be an approach that would substitute the use of the "old" and more expensive Fax marketing, is now a valuable tool to support the latter. We now know that the profitability of just sending emails is much lower than sending faxes (especially for tourism). However, it should be acknowledged that Email has other merits which can basically be summarised as being the possibility of making the presentation of the product much more attractive, and to "bring", via hyperlinks, the end user directly to the desired Landing Page. In light of this situation, FlyFax has developed a proprietary transmission platform which, similar to Faxes, allows the distribution of DEMs for Travel Agencies in a few minutes to an entire Mailing List (approximately 13,000 validated email addresses). Newsletters are mounted on a light and simple template which is, however, attractive, and they are sent with unparalleled transmission speed. Moreover, in order to attain good Email Marketing campaign results it is essential to be assisted by qualified professional personnel for the creation of the message. This allows you to obtain, for example, a low score in Anti-Spam systems (which are often poorly configured). A database of addresses to which an offer can be send is not enough to ensure that it is essential. It takes a lot more than that and we know how to deliver it. We have schemes and offers that have been specifically designed for email marketing for tour operators.

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