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Receipt of services

Il The Fax to Mail receiving service allows users to receive faxes via any internet connection using a home or office computer, mobile phone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or laptop. Receiving faxes is as easy as opening an e-mail. The fax received by the dedicated number assigned by FlyFax will be sent to the inbox as an attachment in PDF format. In order to make it easier to manage the receipt of faxes, FlyFax has developed a graphics system that allows viewing of faxes directly in the body of the email, so you can view the contents of the fax without having to open the attached document. This results in a considerable saving of time for management, visualisation, archiving and printing of received faxes. All incoming faxes will also be archived in your inbox and may be managed directly online from anywhere in the world.

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Characteristics of the Fax to Email Service:

  • A fixed national network number is assigned which will be used exclusively by the customer (for example, it can be included on your letterhead);
  • You do not need a fax machine
  • You do not have to pay a subscription fee for a dedicated telephone line
  • No more wasted paper and toner
  • A high level of savings
  • All incoming faxes are forwarded to your email box as attachments
  • No limit to the number of faxes you can receive