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About us

FlyFax is the leading company in Italy for faxes, e-mails and high quality text messages. FlyFax was established in 2005 following a spin-off from a well-known company operating within the Information and Communication Technology industry. It immediately set up and provided a service for massive newsletters transmission either by fax or email. In 2009 the company extended the range of services it offered through the activation of the Fax to Email service (receiving faxes as attachments to e-mail, and with preview of the faxes in the body of an e-mail), as well as an SMS service for the massive transmission of sales communications and/or commercial offers via SMS. The services are based on the latest technology, which is under continuous development, and they are provided on a "Software As a Service" basis, and therefore based on the User's request ("On-Demand"), without the need for investment (hardware and software installation) and without activation or subscription fees. The cost is calculated based on the actual use of services. The only requirement the user has to comply with is access to the Internet and/or electronic mail. The attention we pay to our service and our continual efforts are focused on the needs of our customers, service quality, ease of use, cost reduction and promptness of communications/offers transmission. In fact, FlyFax believes that to be fully effective, all offers must reach target users in real-time. This is why we have selected and entered into agreements with two of the most important Italian telephone companies, enabling more than 1,500 telephone lines that allow the simultaneous transmission of thousands of fax pages in minutes. In addition, the dematerialization of information and the consequent reduction of printouts, which are characteristics that our key services are based on, show that we are constantly contributing to the respect and protection of the environment.