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The FlyFax service allows massive transmission of business faxes - 65 million pages sent each year. The Fax services, which are the company’s core business, are managed using more than 1,500 phone lines. Advertising campaigns can be managed through our operators, or absolutely independently through our portal, which has been specially developed in a simple and intuitive manner. Our transmission lists are daily updated and fully Spam Act Compliant and they are unquestionably the best in the country. The demonstration of the exceptional precision of the distribution lists is given by the success percentage of each transmission of at least 95% of the total. A detailed report in Excel format is automatically generated at the end of each fax transmission, and this is sent by e-mail and stored on our systems for future reference (for example, via web portal). The service does not include fixed costs or charges of any kind, ensuring that only faxes correctly delivered to the recipients are charged. One or more dedicated FlyFax resources (usually a sales official and a specialised technician) are assigned to customers who wish to use our service. The customer’s requirements are always dealt with by the same person who therefore comes to learn every aspect of the customer’s requirements and habits. Despite the high qualitative standards and the strong financial commitment of the company in relation to maintenance of the service, we are in any case able to provide lower costs than our competitors. This has always one of our key objectives, and it is now possible thanks to the many businesses that work with us on a daily basis, and who have allowed us to become the leader in the massive distribution of offers using all the instruments that are currently available.

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  • Number Clearing
  • Automatic Recall
  • No Fee
  • Automatic customization of fax
  • Send fax scheduled
  • Automatic management of "Black-List"